Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TriState Bird Rescue and the Oil Spill

As many of you may know I am trying to raise funds to help designate a room at the TriState Bird Rescue here in DE in memory of My Mom Pattie by donations and sales through the My Mom Pattie Etsy shop.

Right now it is the time of year where a lot of birds, especially young birds like this young Blue Jay (photo taken with my bird camera a couple years ago - a not injured bird) are injured or abandoned and need help...

TriState Bird Rescue is heavily involved with efforts to help wildlife affected by the Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico, but their website says they are not currently asking for supplies for that effort (this may change as things don't appear to be getting better any time soon). They do need help with supplies for their ongoing programs:

Click HERE to see their wishlist... 

You may be surprised to see some of the things they need and may have something readily available to you... Want their address? Click HERE.

You can always call or email them for more info if you can't find the information you are looking for on their website (very well done by the way!)

Thanks for your efforts with helping out!

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