Thursday, April 23, 2009

Garden Flowers and Coffee with Cinnamon

Every day I try to spend a little time outside in my garden.
Even if it is just for picking some weeds or trying to keep tree seeds from making my garden a wooded area (that's to be had one day - but not while I'm here if I can help it).

And I usually have my camera and coffee with me...
I can't exactly remember what lilly this is, but it is a perennial and they bloom in August here in my Delaware garden.
And to tell you the truth, I'm more attracted to the curls of the after flower than the bloom itself.
I got a bunch of seeds from these too - and I'm not sure if they will grow or not (Jenny, you'll have to keep me posted!)

One of my mom's favorite things was her garden.
She always had Impatients in the front beds growing up and didn't mind us touching the springy seed pods. If you've never done that - make sure to give it a try - the really full ones, about to burst on their own anyway...
Delightful for those of us easily amused...

My mom always had her coffee with her - Cafe Vienna (instant coffee).
We were pros at making it just right for her!
She eventually got into drinking some regular coffee, but it usually was the Christmas or Holiday Blend.

My sister Teren clued me into the way to make some at home: just add some ground nutmeg and cinnamon to your grinds while brewing. And - YUM!!!

So if your and your coffee need a little pick-me-up:
sprinkle some cinnamon & ground nutmeg into your coffee...
and go look at some plants.

Makes me think I should create another blog with images of flowers for enjoyment all year...

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