Wednesday, December 3, 2008

November Thanks!!

Some days I can't help but see things as something my mom has sent for us to enjoy.
This is a picture looking out my back door on November 21st
which happens to be my sister's birthday.

What a nice gift for her...

A reminder of how much my mom absolutely loved this time of year.

The holidays were her favorite.

And to get snow early like this was extra special.

She used to sing White Christmas all the time...

And around here, a snow covered any holiday - whoopee!

Thanks for the snow mom!

It was beautiful - especially laying on the tree branches...

Your winter wonderland - in November!

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Jessie said...

Hey Marsh, thoughts lately have been about 70% filled by Aunt Pattie...and that's probably less then reality. All's I keep thinking about is how she would have had us out shopping, listening to endless Christmas music (which by now would've been played for what...3-4 weeks?!), laughing about Teren re-arranging Noel into Leon, and trimming spots in the house that we wouldn't normally think should be decortated! We'd be hearing old stories, that never really got old in reality, about Grandmom Eiboch (spelling?) and Uncle Nick and stories of you, Teren, and Nick, mixed w/ Wendy and Toby, and Big Tony, and Danny, etc... She is the epitomy of what Christmas means...warmth, love, and family...and I miss her more and more every single day. I can only imagine how you must feel...and especially at this time of year. My heart breaks often for you. But...just know that she is up there singing White Christmas, making endless pots of wedding soup and sipping on a glass of wine, licking her fingers w/ that beautiful smile on her face. Right now, I can smell that Aunt Pattie smell...the best smelling potpourri, mixed w/ yummy food! I know she's soooo proud of the wonderful mommy you have become and she is always right there beside you. Let's go visit her soon...I'm going to send Teren a text and see if she'd like to come w/ me, because dad said she'd really like to go w/ someone in the family. Whether that's true or not, I'm still really needing to go talk to if you'd like to go together, let me know! I wish we could've caught up over Thanksgiving. Let's make this Christmas a really special one, for Aunt Pattie. I love u cuz, Jessie