Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Stuff Dec 5th

In our family room we have a larg wall unit entertainment system, and in it we have a place for mom's picture along with a seasonal Byers Choice Ltd from her collection that I have.

The last time my mom and I had a good day out was in October 07 just before she started to get sick from Leukemia. We went on a day long bus trip to the Byers Choice Ltd factory in Doylestown, PA then spent the afternoon shopping in Peddler's Village. I think we made 3 trips back to the bus with armloads of bags. The whole time giggling and saying how we were going to have to drive back up there because there is SO much stuff to look at and buy! This tree was one of the things I got that day. We had a lot of fun that day. I'm very happy to have that as my last really good memory with just me and mom. Thanks to Joy for giving me your ticket for the bus trip that day!
Ok, this is pretty funny. Dave and I both have our stockings from when we were little. I just about peed my pants when I saw his for the first time when we were decorating for Christmas in our first house together. I thought it was pretty funny that his was so much bigger than mine -seeing as how he towers a good 1'2" over me...
By the way, Teren, I found yours in a box of Decorations from Mom's house (yours actually has the broom bristles).
So when I saw this stocking, I felt the need to make it for Chloe. So here it is - just finished it up last weekend just in time to do our annual Christmas decorating on the weekend after Thanksgiving.
I hope she keeps it for years to come and treasures it and the memories it holds. That's what stockings are for really - holding memories of Christmas as a child...

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