Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day This Year...

To celebrate Mothers Day this year, I went with Chloe to school where we spent the morning together doing activities together that she usually does with her teachers and friends. 
I could tell that she was as delighted to have me there as I was to be there with her!
I really love all these little moments and try to remember them when I get full on stressed out with my poor time management. One thing I have been trying to focus on is spending time with Dave, Chloe and Riley when we have time together, rather than thinking and stressing over all the stuff that I need to get done. Having time to focus like this and realize that there is more to life makes me see things about my mom differently.
How did she manage it? Seriously?
This is my support for managing it - Dave…
And at times, few and far between, I know I do the same for him.
It's nice being part of a team that sometimes knows how to see the stress in the other, and pick up the slack in any way possible.
It was crazy trying to keep Riley entertained while waiting for pictures with the Easter Bunny this year. He just wanted to get down and run…
Riley is so active, it takes both of us (and a helpful big sister) to keep an eye on him!
And of course - the finger up the nose!
We've got Chloe in this same pose with Santa Claus…
I love it!

And so many thoughts about times like these where I picture my mom there with us, just cracking up and participating in it all. 
Don't know if she would have really been there, but I like imagining it - seeing her smile, that crinkled nose, hearing her laughter & voice.
Then I try my best to ignore those sad sinking emotions about her not being there for these moments, and just keep those imagined ones close to my heart, because I know that she is there with us...

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